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on 30 august 1835, the vessel "enterprize", coming from tasmania and sailing through port phillip bay, reached the yarra river and moored there. the captain was peter hunter. nine people arrived, including a draughtsman, two carpenters, a ploughman and a blacksmith. after disembarking, they build their store and cleared land to grow vegetables. this was the foundation of melbourne! twenty years ago a group of people interested in history, in civilization, in endeavours and in traditional ships, came up with a grand plan - to create a replica of the vessel which enabled the beginning of melbourne. it was build in williamstown and launched in 1997. it is - of course - called "enterprize". this magnificent sail ship it is 27 m long, and the top mast is 19 m above waterline. it is owned and managed by the enterprize ship trust, a non-profit organisation. since about a decade regular trips are on offer, lasting a couple of hours. occasionally 5-day excursions are offered, available for up to 8 passengers - who have to help with about every task ... i can confirm that short trips and even more so long trips, which include several landings with a dinghy, are exciting and a great pleasure.

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