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<:> where it is.

bairnsdale is located in the eastern end of the state victoria, at the mitchell river, in a mostly flat landscape with forests nearby.

Bairnsdale river

<:> how it developed.

1844 first farming station established
1868 bairnsdale got proclaimed as a shire
1990 becomes a city

its population is only 16000, so bairnsdale it is a small city.

<:> what to see.

shops shops, hotels hotels (which are all pubs), restaurants restaurants, churches churches - that's what visitors will notice.

Bairnsdale ordinary shops

Bairnsdale former pub Bairnsdale the Club hotel

Bairnsdale river tavern

there's no lack of good restaurant in bairnsdale, and this one, "the loft", a re-designed former storage building, certainly confirmed that (and fortunately it was not closed).

Bairnsdale restaurant

bairnsdale's art gallery is impressive, in terms of architecture and of exhibitions.

Bairnsdale art gallery Bairnsdale painting

the largest church in bairnsdale is, surprisingly, not an anglican but a catholic one. it is rich in art, outside and inside, especially the altar area - however, it does not have an organ.

Bairnsdale church

Bairnsdale church Bairnsdale painting

the most impressive building is the former court of the city.

Bairnsdale former court house

in the center of bairnsdale is a very cute pavilion for music bands - - but sadly so, there aren't any bands anymore, bairnsdale is nowadays a 'music-less' town.

Bairnsdale music pavillion

of course bairnsdale has a railway station, it's the south-eastern end of victoria's rail system.

Bairnsdale railway station

<:> how to get there.

v/line provides regular passenger trains from and to melbourne.

Bairnsdale train from Melbourne Bairnsdale map

<:> to sum up:

was it worthwhile to visit bairnsdale? well, it would have been, yet wasn't, not at this trip on dec 31 and jan 01, when almost everything was closed.
but a stop in the town trafalgar during the train trip back to melbourne provided a significant gratification, the "holden museum" (essay about it is in work).
anyway - at least one gallery and one church and one restaurant, all remarkable, i could visit!

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