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bernd rohrmann

little essay about bendigo

Bendigo image

jan 2021



the location of bendigo

the city "bendigo" is located in the center of australia's state victoria, marked in the map below.

Bendigo map

it's around 150 kilometres north-west of the capital melbourne, and it has now 101000 residents.

bendigo in early times

in that area originally aborigines lived. from 1837 onwards white settlers arrived and established large sheep stations.

the gold boom in bendigo

in 1851 in bendigo and surroundings gold was detected. the resulting "gold boom" was the biggest in victoria and lasted about 130 years. at that time bendigo got linked to melbourne by good roads and by a railway line.

Old Bendigo gold digging Old Bendigo gold digging

visiting bendigo

bendigo is crowded with places to visit.

Bendigo sightseeing map

Bendigo sightseeing map inner city

here are photos of historic buildings:

Bendigo fountain Bendigo building

Bendigo building

Bendigo city center

Bendigo city center

hotels were always a serious matter in bendigo, built in any size from very modest to very grand

Bendigo old style hotel

Bendigo building

bendigo's trams

the city of bendigo had a far-reaching tram system, which started in 1890. two lines are left, mainly for tourists.

Bendigo historical trams

Bendigo tram Bendigo trams


in bendigo not that many churches were built during its "golden era" - but this recent one, the "sacred heart" cathedral, completed in 1977, is actually the third-largest church in australia, and largest provincial one.

Bendigo church

Bendigo church

the cathedral is altogether 75 metres long, and its central spire is 87 m high. the height of the enormeous ceiling is 24 m.

chinese features

since the "golden boom" very many chinese people live in bendigo. they have their own cultural life, a significant museum, and every year a historic show gets conducted.

Bendigo Chinese building

Bendigo Chinese dragon Bendigo Chinese dragon

art in bendigo

bendigo has both history and modern art museums, all well-equipped. even the bendigo bank (which happens to be my bank) has a quite 'arty' main building.

Bendigo art museum Bendigo bank

bendigo's pottery

a unique combination of museum & handicraft work & shop is the "bendigo pottery", the largest, and most famous, in australia.

Bendigo pottery

Bendigo pottery

the many old, not in-use anymore, kiln can be inspected and one can observe how pottery workers create all sorts of pottery pieces.

Bendigo pottery Bendigo pottery

Bendigo pottery

Bendigo pottery

gold mining's history & presence

finally - as far as i know, one gold-mining company is still operating in bendigo, the fosterville gold mine. all other have closed down. but can be visited, because they installed impressive museum procedures.

Bendigo gold mining museum

and one historic mining tower is there, rebuilt on a hill, for visitors.


to sum up - - visiting bendigo is fun because in this city one can see both, very historic and very temporary features.




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