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Melbourne symbolic pic church


there are lots & lots of churches in melbourne, as well as buildings of other religions. in this gallery, the three most essential churches are presented.

st paul's cathedral

this is the cathedral of the anglican church in australia. it's design is "gothic revival", and it was completed in 1891.the three spires were finished later, between 1926 and 1932. located within melbourne's central district, it is a very prominent building.

Melbourne St Paul's cathedral

Melbourne St Paul's cathedral

Melbourne St Paul's cathedral

the cathedral's size is pretty large, yet it was restricted by the available area. nevertheless, it can host more than 3000 people. the central spire is 95 m high.

Melbourne St Paul's cathedral

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st patrick's cathedral

this is the cathedral of the roman catholic church in australia. it is located on a hill north-east of melbourne's city center.

Melbourne St Patrick's cathedral

this is the tallest and largest church in australia. it is 104 m long, 56 m wide, and the nave is 29 m high. the central spire is 105 m. the seating capacity is 2400 people.

the construction began in 1858, and finished - after many interuptions - only in 1939.

Melbourne St Patrick's cathedral inner view

the insight view, towards the altar demonstrates how mighty this church building is.

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scots' church

Melbourne Scot's church

this is the primary presbytarian church in australia. it's located right in the center of melbourne's cbd.

Melbourne Scot's church

replacing several earlier presbytarian churches (first one: 1841), building of the current church was done 1871 to 1874, in "neo-gothic" style. it got seats for around 1000 people. the tower is 64 m high.

Melbourne Scot's church

scots' church contains many elaborated stained-glas windows, which present mostly christian topics.

Melbourne Scot's church

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these three churches/cathedrals are fully working and providing regular religious services.

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