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oOo where it is.

Warrnambool map

warrnambool is located in the western end of the state victoria, at the southern ocean, and is a harbour city.

oOo how it developed.

warrnambool's mini history:
1855 creation of municipality.
1863 becomes a borough.
1918 declared city.
1955 annecting neighbouring areas.

its population is only 35000, so warrnambool it is a small city.

Warrnambool light house

its original lighthouse, sitting on the flagstaff hill, is the city's most prominent building.

oOo what to see.

here is an aerial view of warrnambool's historic area. then images of its main features are shown, such as towers, museums, churches, bridges, wall paintings.

Warrnambool city

Warrnambool tower Warrnambool art center

Warrnambool old buildings Warrnambool Anglican church

Warrnambool wall art Warrnambool old bridge

a real surprise is the "city band hall". it is the home of warrnambool's "city band", a completely local group of musicians, focussed on brass instruments, such as trumpets and tubas, yet clarinets and drums as well.

Warrnambool city music

of course warrnambool has a railway station, the south-western end of victoria's rail system.

Warrnambool city music

oOo how to get there.

v/line provides regular passenger trains from and to melbourne.

Warrnambool train from Melbourne

furthermore, once a year a history train, with a mighty steam locomotive, like this "r711" which could go up to 115 km/h, and four old wagons, is run by the "steamrail victoria" society. and that is what i did, with pleasure!

Warrnambool old train Warrnambool old train

to sum up - - warrnambool is only a small city, and one would not expect many excitements. yet surprisingly, there is!
that this place has its own symphony orchestra, and the funny "city band", is stunning indeed! yes, warrnambool is certainly worth a visit.

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