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St Kilda picture


st kilda, established 1842, is a popular melbourne suburb, not only for residents yet also for all sorts of services - shops, boat facilities , entertaining, bathings, and even prostitution.

St Kilda pavilion

originally a plain beach, it became a popular bathing and swimming place, crowded in summer.

St Kilda sandy beach

St Kilda beach people

St Kilda pavilion

well-liked is a long pier into the port phillip bay. it had become a public pier in 1855. at its end is a stylish bistro. nearby a small colony of little penguins can be visited.

St Kilda pavilion

Small inbetween picture

regarding special shops, on acland street, the central venue, are cake shops (including a german one) which are unique in mellbourne.

St Kilda Acland cake shop

the highlight of the "luna park" amusement center", with its funny entry, is its scenic railway.

St Kilda Luna park

Small inbetween picture

finally -- why is it called "st kilda?" actually this was a decision of charles la trobe, the principal of the port phillip district, after a schooner, named "lady of st kilda" moored at the main beach in early 1842, where just a few building were at that time.

St Kilda beach three early houses

st kilda is actually a small island in scotland, way out in the ocean in the west - see the map.

Scotland map St Kilda

yes, curiosity has driven me to visit the real st kilda, using a rare sail ship tour, and yes, that was very exciting! in case you want to know more, look up "scotland' in my "picture-galleries-travels-countries" website.

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