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the marcus square ~ piazza san marco is the centre of venice. it is the location of the most prominent buildings - the tower st marcus campanile, the church basilica di san marco, the clock building torre dell orologio, the doge's palace palazzo ducale, and the place itself.
it includes the historic landing quay for ships, north of the waterway bacino di san marco. in the middle of this area (called piazetta) are two large granite columns. on their top are sculptures of the patron saints of venice. the most symbolic one shows a winged lion.
the torre dell orologio contains a stunning clock setting, and presents the winged lion in front of a blue sky with stars.
the campanile, erected 1156 and extended in 1513, is 99 m high. it collapsed 1902 yet was rebuilt within a few years. from its top terrace, views over the marcus square and all over venice are possible.

Lion on top of statue


Canabile Lantern

Marcus Square: view from water

Symbolic lion on blue ground Clock Two men and the bell

View from Basilica

Building with cafe Building with cafe Two lions heads at bottom of a statue

View from Campanile over city View from Campanile over city

View from Campanile over Basilica

Endline design with camera