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the basilica di san marco is situated at the eastern side of the marcus square, beside the palazzo ducale. this church, dedicated to the evangelist marcos, was build from 1073 onwards, designed in "italo-byzantine" architecture style. it is about 80 m long and has five domes. the tower of the church, the cantabile, stands separately. both the front facade and the walls and cupolas inside are decorated with innumerable mosaics of very high quality. the floor contains mosaics and marble patterns as well. one of the mosaics shows an early image of this very basilica. above the five gates are many sculptures, and a winged golden lion (the symbol of marcos) is placed in the centre. its opulent design and abundance of art makes the basilica di san marco exceptionally attractive.

Front view central top

Full front view

Mosaic of this church!

Front view one mosaic Horses

Gate with decorated upper part

Column full of art

Floor artwork A Floor artwork B

Floor animal mosaic A Floor animal mosaic B

Inside mosaic story

Inside mosiac story in Cupola

ceiling complete mosaic

Special lamp over altar

Statues etc. on roof

Endline design with camera