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bergamo is located 40 km north-east of milan, at the foot of the bergamo alps. the lakes iseo and como are 40 km to the east and north-west. bergamo has 120000 residents.

Bergamo Milano map

Bergamo full sight

what's now the city of bergamo began as a roman town in 49 b.c. it eventually became an autonomous city and gained importance - yet was never independent. from 1428 to 1795 it belonged to the venice realm. since 1861 it is part of the italian republic.

Bergamo map

the historic core of bergamo is the "citta alta", surrounded by large walls - a world heritage monument - which were erected by its 'owner', venice.

Bergamo view downwards

distinctive features of bergamo are its large central place and several historic churches, including a cathedral, all in citta alta..

Bergamo main place

Facade historic church Bergamo central views

Inside basilica

the many towers, religious and civil ones, very much shape how bergamo looks like.

Bergamo towers

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