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- venice: palazzo ducale
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the city venezia ~ venice is located in north-eastern italy, in the laguna veneta. it consists of about hundred islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. venice was founded around 400. in the 9th century venice became an sovereign city state. the republic of venice was a major maritime power and a highly influential center of trade until the 17th century, which made venice a wealthy city.
the most unique feature of venice is that there are no cars - it's the city of boats, including the famous gondolas, and vaporettos in modern times.
venice is renowned for the beauty of its setting, its canal grande, its high-class architecture, and its artworks. the most prominent buildings are the tower campanile, the church basilica di san marco and the palace palazzo ducale. since 1987, venice in its entirety is listed as a world heritage site. countless artist have created paintings of venetian facets; the best known ones are canaletto and guardi.
venice is widely seen as the most beautiful city on the planet - certainly so by this globetrotter!
a selection of my pictures of venice is presented below in five sections: marcus square, basilica di san marco, canal grande, gondolas, palazzo ducale.

Coat of Arms




Canaletto Painting

Venice Painting

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