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KUALA LUMPUR - preview gallery

the area of kuala lumpur was settled since around 1840 by malay and chinese people - yet only after 1957, when 'k.l.' became the capital of malaysia, grew it to a very large city. its population is now 1780000.

Map Kuala Lumpur

there are two railway stations in k.l., built in a pompous traditional style, similar to other official buildings of k.l.'s history.

Railway station Railway


anything from huge governmental pieces to small sets of houses, usually run-down, with local shopping facilities, can be seen in the old center.

Historical Building

Historical Building Historical Building

a variety of mosques have been built in 'classic' style as well (malaysia has many muslim buidings because it is predominantly an islamic society).


Mosque Minarett Mosque


very different is of course a hindu temple - in its style, in colours, and in the many many figures shown.

Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple Hindu Temple

a completely different style can be seen in the chinese temples (which are quite common in k.l.).

Chinese door

in k.l., classical and new architecture often stands right beside each other. in the current big city very modern buildings are clearly dominating.

Historical building

Historical building

Modern building Modern building

even the latest mosque is a very modern design. the same is true for k.l.'s chief theatre.

Grande mosque


k.l. has several botanical gardens, well-known for the 'arty' buildings there, as well as animals and plants.

Bird park Water lillies

presenting k.l.'s art museum is beyond this report - yet one piece is shown here, a bird which is like a music instrument.

Modern art museum

at the end of this gallery comes what is - - at least in my view - - the most special and most unusual building of k.l., the terrific petronas towers, completed 1997.

Petronas tower

true, they are not the highest tower anymore, 'only' 452-meter, nor the highest office building yet still the tallest twin buildings in the world.. beside that - they are simply art!

Petronas tower bridge Petronas tower bridge

inside, in the entry hall, is a colourful shopping center. finally: the truly striking view at night.

Petronas tower shopping center

Petronas tower at night

Endline design with camera