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this rather small country is located in central europe, south-east of germany. the population is 8.9 mio, and the capital city is vienna. in austria are very high mountains, and the river danube flows through it.

brief history: austria started as an own realm in 976. much later, in the 16th century, austria became "the heart" of the habsburg monarchy, one of the most influential royal dynasties in history. from 1804 onwards austria built up its own empire. in 1864 the dual monarchy austria-hungary was established. after ww-1 austria became a republic. in 1938, (nazi-)germany annexed austria. after ww-2, austria became an independent republic again.

Cartoon Vienna

i have visited austria several times - 1975, 1984, 2004, 2007. this portrayal is focussed on vienna; the other galleries are not yet prepared.

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