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the sistine chapel ~ cappella sistina is not a church, it is a chapel in the apostolic palace, the official residence of the pope of the catholic church, in vatican city. it was built from 1473 to 1483.

Sistine chapel

many authors rate the sistine chapel as the most beautiful christian building in the world - not because of its architecture, rather because of the frescoes which cover all walls and the ceiling. the painters included botticelli, ghirlandaio, perugino, rosselli, and above all michelangelo who created the whole ceiling and the wall with the last judgment.

St Peter Basilica inside main view

the frescoes at the walls contain paintings of temples, of the last supper, and of ordinary people. very passionate is the last judgment, including the hell.

Sistine chapel paintings

Sistine chapel paintings

Sistine chapel paintings

Sistine chapel paintings

Sistine chapel Last Judgement

Last judgement detail

Sistine chapel paintings

the largest creation is the one on the ceiling (its content list is below)..

Sistine chapel ceiling

Sistine chapel

Sistine chapel painting creation of Adam

the most mentioned picture of the ceiling galleries is "the creation of adam".

Sistine chapel pope election

the sistine chapel still serves for religious procedures - and it is also the place where the cardinals of the catholic church meet to elect a new pope!

this is the end of the vatican galleries. the core objective was to present the striking architecture and tremendous art assembly (rather than religious facets) to be seen there - - visiting the vatican is indeed a 'must'.

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