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the mexico country is located in meso-america, south of usa and north of guatemala. the population is 129 mio, and the capital is mexico city.

history - roughly: the area of mexico has been settled since 8000 b.c. the first organized realm was the olmec culture, 1500 b.c. the time span of the exceptionally developed maya culture - generally rated as "high culture" - is from about 1000 b.c. to about 900 a.d. after a long phase of 'post-classic' circumstances, the aztec empire shaped, lasting from 1300 to 1521.
from 1519 to 1521 the spanish empire smashed the aztecs, and made mexico a province, until 1810 when the mexican war of independence began. in 1821 mexico declared itself an independent country.

i have visited mexico in 1984, focused on mexico city - a huge city with an immense history - but also acapulco and puebla.

in 1984 all my photography was done to create collections of slides (diapositives) for voyage presentations. of those, just a few got scanned for digital pic's. these are presented in the following gallery, plus general images of those locations.

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