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the country of denmark, a kingdom (still) is located between norway, sweden and germany, and consists of the jutland peninsula and many islands.

jutland and the main islands sjaelland and fyn have been settled for a very long time, since around 12000 b.c. much much later, around 700 a.d, ribe, the oldest town of denmark, was founded, and a new runic alphabet was created. then denmark emerged as a kingdom, mainly a seafaring nation.
from 1387 to 1523 denmark & norway & sweden ruled together in an overarching kingdom. after wars with sweden, denmark finally kept the faroe islands and greenland (both originally norwegian) and, until 1918, iceland.

denmarks population is 5.9 mio, and the capital city is copenhagen.

i have visited denmark many times, from 1963 (my first-ever travel) onwards, especially copenhagen. 1984 historic ribe was the special target.
at that time all my photography was done to create pictures for voyage albums. of those, just a few got scanned for digital pic's. these are presented in the following gallery.

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