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a walk through old city districts shows many temples, which usually have a statue or a memorial or a smoke-provider in front.

Big gate to temple area

Temple facade

Temple with large front piece

Smoke provider

Bell of temple

sometimes old bells can be seen. the entrance to a religious area is always decorated with colorful icons, inscriptions and name sign. inside is often a statue or figurine of a divine being.

Temple three yellow pieces Statue with inscription Lion statue

Temple entry

Temple corner

Colourful temple entrance Holy head statue

in the area around the forbidden city are also temples for other religions, such as buddhism, built as stupas, some very large.

White temple above lake

there are unusual restaurants, established in a historic building. very popular is a boat on the lake west of the forbidden city.

Restaurant in historic tower

Boat for visitors on city lake

a rather different impression comes up when visiting quarters of 'normal' and probably unwealthy citizens. the buildings are modest, although the facade with the entrance door is often imposing. and bicycles are everywhere.

Local school

Little street in historic area

Old local people

House entrance Very decorated house entrance

in the larger streets are lots of shops. there are also kiosks which offer nice 'art' pieces and many kitchy things.

Art shop on street Art shop on street

restaurants are in many styles, from very simple to haughty. the better ones have artful tables and seats.

Entrance to restaurant

Restaurant table

in small-scale galleries and art shops both traditional and modern paintings can be seen, here are a few examples.

Painting trad man portrait Cartoon portraits in opera Modern art women

around the forbidden city are also large buildings, mainly governmental establishments.

Tower building Churches or government

the most prominent ones are the bell tower and the drums tower. they are located north of the forbidden city and stand near to each other. they were built in 1272. their height: 33 and 47m. until 1924 the bell tower with its huge bell (7m high, weight 63 tons) was Beijing's official time device.

Historic tower Drum tower

now to music! classic as well as temporary music are played in many bistros and restaurants. it was especially exciting to hear the sound of classic instruments, like from the trio shown below.

Music performance

Music performance

Musicians lady

finally, bicycles - there are millions in beijing, and three-wheeled ones are very common as quasi-taxis, driven by a "human motor".

Quasi taxis

Historic taxi bike

Endline design with camera