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as this cartoon shows, sweden has very many targets for a traveller, both cities and landscapes.

Sweden map

the agenda of my voyage in 1967 was:
ferry kopenhagen/denmark to malmo/sweden, then lund, halmstad, tjoloeholmen, sidestep to tanum, goeteborg, joenkoeping, roek, linkoeping, stockholm, uppsala, vaesteras, karlstad, then to oslo/norway.

Sweden south map

for each of these places a selection of my pic's will be presented.


malmo is for centuries a substantial harbour, because of its handy location.

Sweden Malmo historic map

it has a pretentious townhall - the pic of it is even on many drinking cups.

Sweden Malmo townhall

Sweden Malmo townhall on coffee cup

and there are many further objects, old and modern and 'arty' ones in this city.

Malmo part of painted house Malmo painted house Malmo part of painted house




the city lund (ex lynden) was founded in 990. its most striking monument is the cathedral.

Lund historic map

Lund cathedral

Domkyrka plan

it was completed 1145, and rated as the best romanesque church in scandinavia. size: length: 85 m, height of towers: 55 m.

Lund cathedral

it contains artful frescoes, plus, an impressive astronomical clock from 1425.

Lund astronomical clock in cathedral


also a coast town, and an old one.

Halmstad castle and ship


this little town is known for its impressive residential (rather than military) castle, built 1900, which includes a large garden. it is now owned by the city of goeteborg.

Tjoloeholmen Castle


near tanum, a little village north of goeteborg, are very many rock carvings, called petroglyphs, found in a distinct of 25 km. they were created by scandinavian bronze age and iron age people, between 1500 and 500 b.c., who were both, clever craftsmen and competent travellers with boats. here are two examples.

Tanum museum archaic rock paintings Tanum museum archaic rock paintings

the area is a unesco world heritage site.


this is the second largest city of sweden, and the dominating one at sweden's west coast. founded relatively late, in 1621, it is now the largest port in scandinavia

Goeteborg Poseidon statue

its most known monument is possibly the big poseidon statue - symbolically, poseidon is the ocean god.
there are many historic buildings, and old ships, sailships or light-ships in the harbour.

Masthugget church

Goeteborg Masthugget church Goeteborg Masthugget church

Old lightship Large sailship

and the immense art museums have a piece of tanguely!

Goeteborg Poseidon statue


this city is located at the southern end of the vaettern lake, the second-largest in sweden. thus it has both urban and rural features.

Joenkoping Joenkoping

Goeteborg Poseidon statue


in the village of roek, beside its church, it the most famous "run" stone. it was created by kind-of-vikings around 800. it is praised as the first documentation of a text in swedish language.

Roek church and historic stone Roek stone


the city of linkoeping was founded around 1150. its also located at a lake. the tall church tower (re-built 1850) is widely seen. linkoeping is the hometown of saab!

Houses and boats


Stockholm icon

stockholm, founded 1252, and sweden's capital since 1436, is by far the largest and most important city of sweden. it is crowded with exciting features, and a full sightseeing tour would need days!

Stockholm city map

even though in most regards a very modern city, stockholm manages nevertheless to keep many of its attractive historic areas truly alive.

Stockholm old town center

Stockholm old city woman plays flute

Old town narrow street Old town narrow street

here are the riddarholmen church, the oldest one and the 'royal church', and the mighty townhall.

Church Riddarholmen Townhall

the modern art museum has cute pieces of two of my favourites, niki st phalle and jean tinguely. and then (1967) was an expedition of the norwegian artist breivik.

Art St Phalle and Tinguely Art St Phalle

Art Norwegian Breivik Art Norwegian Breivik

the at that time opened new metro contains a lot of "applied" paintings.

Stockholm art in metro Stockholm art in metro

the biggest thing to see was the kaknaes television tower - given its design, itself a piece of art as well.

Kaknaes tower sketch

Kaknaes tower art piece

Kaknaes tower

finally the royal ship "vasa". it was built 1626-1628, at that time one of the most powerfully armed vessel in the world. yet it was a mis-construction, and on its maiden voyage on 10 august 1628 it sank almost immediately - a disaster for sweden
it was known where it happened, and three centuries later, in 1961 the largely intact hull was salvaged. after another 27 years, the ship was eventually placed in the "vasa museum" (which i could visit in my last sweden trip).

Rescued ship Vasa

Painting of Vasa sinking


Uppsala model of cathedral

since 1100 uppsala has been the religious center of sweden, and sweden's archbishop is placed there. the cathedral, with towers of 119m, is the largest in sweden. there are also old churches built with wood.

Uppsala old church

Uppsala cathedral Uppsala cathedral

the university of uppsala, founded 1477, is the oldest one in scandinavia, highly appreciated. by the way, the most important invention made there was - - the celsius scale.

Uppsala icon


this city, also located at a lake, the maelaren lake, has some urban features, yet more so beautiful environments.


Near Vasteras

Near Vasteras


the most special feature of karlstad, founded around 1000, is the statue of a very impressive woman, called "sola i karlstad".

Karlstad center

Karlstad old bridge

Karlstad sculpture

and this is the end of my "compact gallery sweden" - hopefully it gave a valuable impression!

Sweden coat of arms

Endline design with camera