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the country of slovenia is located in south-east europe, between austria and croatia, it borders the adriatic sea. its population is 2.1 mio, and the capital city is ljubljana.

brief history of slovenia: the area has been settled for thousands of years. until the 1st century b.c., these were illyrian and celtic tribes. then the roman empire took over, for about 400 years. at around 650 first slovene federations occurred. next phases: the german holy empire, then the habsburg empire, then the venice empire.
after ww-1 "yugoslavia" was shaped. this became fully installed after ww-2, as a socialist state. however, in 1989 yugoslavia collapsed, and finally 6 separate countries resulted - beside slovenia: serbia: bosnia, croatia, macedonia, montenegro. slovenia is now a parliamentary republic.

i have been in slovenia in 1981, visiting kranj, ljubljana and piran at the gulf of venice. at that time all my photography was done to create print pictures for voyage albums. of those, none got scanned for digital pic's. thus just a few significant images are presented here.


Kranj Kranj


Ljubljana Ljubljana


Piran Piran

Serbia historic painting

Endline design with camera