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the country of serbia, landlocked, is located in south-east europe. main neighbour countries are hungary, bosnia and romania. the river danube crosses serbia.

in the 2nd century b.c., the first realm in the area of serbia was created by the celtic tribe of scordisci. later serbia was part of the roman empire. a serbian principality came up in the 8th century, and eventually became a kingdom. yet in 1459 the ottoman empire conquered serbia. from 1686 onwards, mostly the habsburg empire controlled serbia. in 1835 and finally in 1878 serbia became an independent country - yet only until ww-1, after which "yugoslavia" was shaped. this became fully installed after ww-2, as a socialist country. serbia, with its capital belgrade, was the central force. however, in 1989 yugoslavia collapsed, and finally 6 separate countries resulted - beside serbia: bosnia, croatia, macedonia, montenegro, slovenia. between several of these then wars erupted - but finally serbia made peace.
serbia's population is 6.9 mio, and the capital city is belgrade.

i have been in serbia in 1974, when it was still part of yugoslavia, visiting belgrade, novisad and nis. at that time all my photography was done to create printed pictures for voyage albums. of those, none got scanned for digital pic's.

thus no galleries - just two images are presented here. both show belgrade, the city located at the danube which has a history of more than 2000 years.

Serbia historic painting


Endline design with camera