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sailship tecla
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the country "the netherlands", often called holland, is situated in europe, beside the north sea, west of germany. it is a very shallow land with almost no mountains yet many rivers, including the rhine, plus numerous islands. netherland's population density is very high. it's capital is partly amsterdam and partly den haag.
quite a few dutch cities were founded when netherland was part of the roman empire, and they flourished when it belonged to the german-austrian-spanish realm. this country is crowded with attractive cities - beside amsterdam, these include, for example, amersfort, arnhem, den haag, gouda, leiden, maastricht, utrecht - all of them present impressive architecture. cycling is highly accepted, and essential part of the urban culture.
a unique feature of the country's landscape are windmills, built for hundreds of years, and some are still working.
finally, sailships were for a long time a dutch matter of excellence, and a crucial backbone of the trade. in line with this, a considerable number of historic ships is maintained and used for voyages - the 'tecla' is one of them.

peace palace in den haag