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the country of morocco, a kingdom (still) is located in north-west africa, south of european spain and west of algeria. morocco has coasts to the atlantic ocean and the mediterranian sea. the population is 37 mio, and since 1956 rabat is the capital city.

the history of morocco is complex. the area of morocco has been settled for a very long time. since 500 b.c. the main people were berbers. only around 250 b.c the first kingdom was established. later for about 400 years morocco's northern area became part of the roman empire, and volubilis (located near meknes) was the main city.
after that, in 788, idris-1 created the first state. during the following centuries the country was ruled by several dynasties, and for some time they 'owned' southern iberia in europe. yet in 1912, morocco, being weak, was divided into a french and a spanish protectorate, and tangier functioned as international zone. morocco (re-)gained independence in 1956.

in 1975 i have explored morocco - the coast, the famous 'imperial' cities, the mountains, and even roman ruins.
at that time all my photography was done to create printed pictures for voyage albums. of those, none have been scanned yet for digital pic's. thus just a restricted set of images for the main targets of this travel will be presented below.

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