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the country malta, consisting of three islands, is located in the mediterranian sea, south of sicily and north-east of tunesia.
malta has been inhabited since about 6000 b.c. it has been 'owned' most of its history by other countries, including phoenician, carthaginian, roman, greek, arab, norman, aragonese, french and british realms. from 1530 to 1798 malta was ruled by an order, the order of saint john (also known as the knights hospitaller, or the knights of malta).
malta is independent since 1964. the population is 515000, the capital city is valetta.

i have visited malta in 1981, exploring it with busses and a rented motorbike.

at that time all my photography was done to create pictures for voyage albums. of those, just very few got scanned for digital pic's. these are presented here.

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