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the monarchy luxembourg is located in western europe, between belgium and germany, north of france. the population is 626000. its capital is named luxembourg as well.

the duchy of luxembourg, based on the luxembourg castle, started in 963. in the following centuries, luxembourg was 'owned' by various countries or empires, including the german holy roman empire, france, the habsburg empire, netherlands. finally, in 1839, it became fully independent.
luxembourg is seat of the court of justice of the european union.

i have visited luxembourg once, long time ago, in 1971, especially its capital city. at that time all my photography was done to create printed pictures for voyage albums. yet those were not scanned for digital pic's.

Luxembourg painting

here are just a few general images of luxembourg., including some paintings. from the once mighty luxembourg castle is not much left.

Luxembourg city

Luxembourg city painting Luxembourg

in the countryside are many small towns, both modern and still medivial villages

Luxembourg village

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