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the country greece is located in south-east europe, west of turkey, between the ionian sea and the aegean sea. many islands are part of greece, the largest ones are crete, rhodos and lesbos.
the landscape is mountainous. mt olympus is the highest peak, 2918 m.

greece has an immense history. from the 8th century b.c. onwards, greece consisted of a set of independent city-states. the most important one was athens.
in the 4th century b.c.. philip-ii of macedon got control of them. much later greece fell under ottoman rule for nearly five centuries. the current greece state came to life in 1821 and gained independence in 1830. after phases of 'king-yes' and 'king-no', the current constitution (1975) confirms greece as republic.

greece is considered the cradle of western civilization -- being the birthplace of democracy, of philosophy, of many science facets, of literature, and even of traveling.....

the population of greece is 10.7 mio, and the capital city is athens.

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i have been in greece just once, long time ago, in 1978, visiting primarily athens, but also thessaloniki and larisa.
i wasn't naive though, because the classical greek language was a main subject in my high school years, and this included the greek culture as well.

at that time all my photography was done to create printed pictures for voyage albums. of those, none got scanned for digital pic's. thus just some significant images are presented here.

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