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the island of cyprus is located south of turkey and southeast of greece. it has been settled since the 10th millenium b.c. being attractive, and being important, it has been owned by many kingdoms since the 2nd millenium b.c.: by mycenaean greeks, assyrians, egyptians, persians, alexander the great, ptolemaic egypts, the classical and eastern roman empire, arab caliphates, venetians, ottomans, and finally, since 1878, by the united kingdom. only in 1960 it achieved independence.
yet cyprus is split.
from 1964 onwards, some kind of civil war developed between the greek residents (~75%) and the turkish residents (~20%); behind that were greece and turkey. after 10 years this ended that cyprus consists of the cyprus state government (for the southern 2/3 of the island), which is internationally accepted, and the "turkish-cypriot area" (the northern 1/3 of the island), which is not accepted as state, except by turkey. two small areas are controlled by the uk, mainly for military purposes.
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cyprus' population is 1.2 mio, the capital city is nicosia.

i have visited cyprus in dec 1985, exploring it in a rental car. this did not go well, because the weather was exceptionally bad - so bad that some hotels were closed. also, visiting remote targets wasn't easy, nor taking photos.
at that time all my photography was done to create pictures for voyage albums. of those, just a few got utilized for digital pic's. these are presented in the following gallery.

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