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Sofia coat of arms

the area of sofia was settled already in roman times, since 29 b.c., as "serdica". in later centuries, it was raided by huns, visigoths, avars and slavs. in 809 it became the capital of an bulgarian state, now called sredets. from 1382 onwards it belonged to the ottoman empire. in 1879, when an independent country "bulgaria" was installed, sofia became again its formal capital.

Sofia area map

the most impressive building of sofia is its mighty cathedral, the st. alexander nevsky cathedral, a modern building yet designed in classical style.

st. alexander nevsky cathedral

st. alexander nevsky cathedral

several mosques have survived.

sofia mosque

further very large buildings are parliament and main theatre.

Sofia buildings Sofia buildings

the inner city shows all sorts of urban features, and has friendly character.

sofia tram

Sofia people Sofia people

sofia building

sofia has a very large market area, and, beside food, about everything is traded and can by bought there.

Sofia Sofia

sofia dolls

when i was there, many years ago, i had the impression that visitors are very welcome in sofia.

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