In a couple of essays I describe music styles or music instruments.
These texts are illustrated with a large number of images.

[ ] Rohrmann, Bernd: Essay about the history of guitars. Feb 2015. {reprint: essay-guitars.pdf}

[ ] Rohrmann, Bernd: A little essay about the music instrument clarinet. March 2015. {reprint: essay-clarinet.pdf}

[ ] Rohrmann, Bernd: Essay about tango - Music & dance. Oct 2015. {reprint: essay-tango.pdf}

[ ] Rohrmann, Bernd: Report about MMEFF-2018. Oct 2018. {reprint: mmeff2018.pdf}

[ ] Rohrmann, Bernd: Essay about "swing" in jazz. Oct 2019. {reprint: essay-swing.pdf}

[ ] Rohrmann, Bernd: Report about MMEFF-2020. Jan 2021. {reprint: mmeff2020.pdf}

Which thoughts were behind “My Music Event For Friends”,
which are presented as picture galleries in the blue section of this website,
is outlined in this text:
[ ] Rohrmann, Bernd: The "MMEFF" philosophy. Aug 2012. {reprint: memo-meff.pdf}