the country of vietnam is located on the eastern side of indochina, east of laos and cambodia. the population is 96 mio, and the capital now hanoi.

very brief history: the first vietnamess realm was founded in the 3rd century b.c. in northern vietnam. it stayed for about 1000 years under chinese control. in 938 a.d. vietnam became independent, and then expanded its area to the south. much later, from 1862 onwards, vietnam got ruled by france, until 1954,when after a bloody war, vietnam was split into communist north vietnam (capital hanoi) and capitalist south vietnam (capital saigon). in 1972 these two got re-unified, dominated by north vietnam. saigon became ho-chi-minh city.

i visited vietnam in 2001, starting in hanoi. on the way to da nang and then ho ch minh city, by train, my camera got stolen - that's why the following galleries are restricted.

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