every now and then i teach and research at zuerich university ... zuerich is a very interesting and pleasant place in the centre of switzerland - the largest and probably most vivid swiss city with some 350000 inhabitants. it was founded more than 2000 years ago by the romans as "turicum", located where the limnat flows into the lake zuerich, and developed on both sides of the river ... with the excellent public transport system it's very easy to get around ... the grand railway station is a good starting point for finding a tram, or just walking along the river and thru the old quarters ... zuerich has lots of churches (as can be expected, most have big clocks), impressive historic as well as modern buildings, funny sculptures on fountains (no, this one here is not showing a certain melbournian lecturer in action); and cows are obviously at the centre of the swiss civilization ... but then, zuerich sports a wild street festival as well, the famous lovemobile parade - not in winter though, which can be damned cold!