the country spain, a kingdom, is located in the south-western section of europe, on the iberian peninsula. the population is 47 mio.
its largest city and capital is madrid. other important cities are barcelona, valencia, seville, zaragoza, malaga, toledo and cordoba.

style="text-align:left" in the iberian peninsula - which was in earlier times mostly part of the carthago empire, then roman empire, then umayyad empire - were several separate kingdoms, all located in northern areas. in 1479 current spain was formed.

from 1500 to 1700 the empire of spain was the largest colonial power. the following map shows which areas it owned or controlled in 1600.

Spain cartoon 1750

the country of spain has created almost countless contributions to the world's culture. some examples are:
unique buildings (including the arabic ones, and those by gaudi), art (e.g., painters dali and miro and picasso), music (flamenco, and the invention of the spanish guitar), special food (e.g., the paella, and special red wine), and even the corrida.

Spain cartoon

so far, for only two cities picture galleries have been presented on this website, barcelona and bilbao. herewith cordoba will be the third one.

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