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the country pakistan was created in 1947, when great britain abandoned their "british indian empire". at that time the former 'full' india was divided into central india and pakistan. at a later time pakistan split, and east pakistan became independet as bangladesh.
thus pakistan has no history of its own, because it was part of many empires around it - first persian achaemenids (500 b.c), then macedonia via alexander the great (320 b.c.), and so on and so on, until the british empire (1849 a.d.). since conquered by the arabian caliphate in 711, islam became the dominant religion.
the region was always intertwined with the indian sub-continent, and often part of indian empires (see map of india 1605 below). prime time was the mughal kingdom (1524 to 1707).

pakistan is a large country, positioned between iran, afghanistan, china and india (the status of kashmir is unsolved). its captal city is karachi, and the population is 212 mio.

only one voyage of pakistan was realized, in january 2006, focussed on lahore, a city located in the country's north-east.
the photography results are constrained, because i was ill most of the time. furthermore, the travel diary regarding the visited places was not maintained sufficiently.

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