the sultanate (kingdom) oman is located at the eastern end of the arabian peninsula. neighbouring countries are saudi-arabia, the united arabic emirates uae), and yemen. the population is 4.8 mio, the capital city is muscat.
what became later the sultanate oman was established in 751.oman stayed mostly independent.
however, portugal captured muscat and used it as a protectorate from 1507 to 1650. later the british empire got more and more influence - only in 1970 oman became truly independent.
city-wise and landscape-wise it is really immense what travellers can experience in oman, ranging from medieval mountain villages to hypermodern cityscapes - it's the country of stern castles & high minarets, of long beaches, wild mountains, of plentiful markets, skillful handicrafts ... . i have visited it in 2001.

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