for my friends
and other people who like globetrotting

bernd rohrmann, melbourne, australia

a note about my picture galleries:
on this website i show galleries with selected pictures from my many travels. they are for my friends only. the volume of the series differs widely, depending on the time i spent photographing when visiting these countries. the "picture galleries travels countries" are ordered by country and organized into sub-series, each containing my photos for one particular place or theme.
i don't want to be too formal & 'educational' here, so there aren't full descriptions, nor even figure captions, just a few eclectic remarks about the things shown, and the country they represent.

furthermore, all galleries were designed for 'classical' computer monitors in a 3:4 height:width proportion, yet currently very wide screens are 'in', which doesn't suit my compositions. meanwhile a revision towards a 2:3 proportion for my "pgtc" websites is under way. current computer screens are focussed on width, up to 45 cm, while height is 21 cm or even less, like 19 cm. yet quite a few people still have a traditional screen, such as 20:25 or 20:30 h:w size. given the nature of my pictures and their presentation, all of my website galleries have a width boundary of 35 cm so that they can be fully seen on an 'oldish' computer screen.

finally, and crucially, computer access has become rare, most people have only a smartphone. their screensize is usually 20cm hight and 13cm width. yet my pgtc pic's are designed in relation to the screening of 24x36mm photography slides on a large screen, 94cm high and 140cm wide, resulting in 22x33cm height:width on a computer screen. and this unfortunately implies that many pic's of my website galleries cannot be fully seen on a smartphone. urghhh. all i can do to reduce this bitter verity, is not to create bigg pic's anymore!

and now, if you wish to go on - click the depiction of the traveller...