=== intro ===

...... from the 'foggy' invitation letter – september 2022 ......

not easy to believe - after many maddening months of "no no, mmeeff not possible this year", eventually vivid vondervul vortune came back! it’s feasible! it’s doable! in september 'my music events engendered for friends' can reellee take place! jipheeeeeee!

so, what kind of music style will be on this time? that's not easy to epitomize ... well, it won't be asian, blues, calypso, classic, electronic, flamenco, german, gospel, indian, jazz, pop, punk, rap, reggae, rock, samba, zydeco – but a distinctive cisum will surely truly happen, promised!

and which instruments? aloiv? no. niloiv? no. noedrocca? no. ollec? no onaip? no. ratiug? no. smurd? no. ssab? no. teniralc? no. tepmurt? no. xas? no. oops - anything left?? yes!! so expect my ixcillint musos to give their best and to thump their muuusic & in your ears and eyes.

furthermore, there will be an old chap to lagshare, oops, to lecture a bit about cisum's oldest ways to create unique sounds for the people around them. moreover, we will be honoured by a guest musician, out of the chronicle of 'mmeeff'. finally, a surprising deed is due - a lottereee - as chase for luck!


and this message was bernd rohrmann's invitation to .....

..... to his 25th music night!

by the way, "my music events engendered for friends" is not public, it's a private event, for those who are friends and/or deserve an unusual way of "thank-you", and got a personal invitation.


so, did it go "as usual"? no, not at all this year, not as intended. urghhhhh. the story follows now.


=== planning ===

early, in june, the worry came up that the corona pandemic, as last year, is still vivid - - so may be the traditional sept date is not feasible ... perhaps not even oct or nov?

Threatened Event

whatsoever, things always begin with pondering - what style of music this year? and which musicians?? while arguing those thoughts, peaceful background music was presented

background music, CD Taksim Trio: 1

obviously it's dyffycylt to think this all through - and then to hunt for clever clear conclusions!

first idea: italian music. i asked a vivid band "would you play on my event?" they said "yes, but aren't you a bit away?" very true - i met them in rome!

next idea: indian music. i had heard especially impressive musicians - but that was far far away, in cochin. and usually an indian band should be large.

third idea: classical music. obviously a pretty grand plan - yet completely unfeasible in my venue.

ouch. urghhh. pragmatism due? truly totally true? eventually bernd made a decision - he had to!

this indeed meant

and therewith:

=== the program ===

the 2022 music night had a very large program, one of the largest ever, consisting of 11 parts:

1 = starting the event & introduction
2 = planning procedure (outined above)
3 = steering the event
4 = why vespas, and motorbikes, are an issue
5 = music by 5 'hub' musicians - set [a]
6 = vivid history of "voice" in music
7 = mini-review of mmeff
8 = surprise! true honour guest - former mmeff musician
9 = music by 5 'hub' musicians - set [b]
10 = super-surprise, a lottery
11 = thanks & gifts to teams & bye-bye

all this took place -- had to -- between 6:45 pm and 10:15 pm - which means, a long evening!

in the following, each program part will be portrayed, with texts & pic's. by the way, photography wasn't easy, because of the odd room-lighting - so pleez kindly tolerate bits of not-so-good qual!

=== steering the event ===

after endless prep's, finally, 15 people were invited (more not allowed), friends and friends of friends (see 6 of them below), and there were 5 + 1 = 6 musicians, and the team of 4.

Lisa Dr Lim Enio Ann Mariah Sonja

the position of the musicians was in the middle section of the venue, and all the guests were sitting at a set of tables around them.

the "captain" of the event (yes, this was indeed bernd) had an immense agenda..... he should look sanguine, wearing his special un-australian hats, using regularly a little memo booklet, and, in order to be well-visible, mostly stand on a small kind-of podest. furthermore, he could ring his noisy bell to secure attention!

well, this shows at it was meant to be.
yet, unfortunately, his right leg was injured and ‘grumpy’, as was his elbow – this he tried, just tried, to hide when executing the event, and acting as ‘normal’ as feasible.......

lots of essential pictures were presented in large frames (mainly in format a3). this task was partly done by bernd, yet mostly by the truly essential aides, anoo diwan and lisa klug.

some of bernd's talks required to present historic music records. these were played on a powerful yamaha tool, by sir simon palmer.

=== why vespas, and motorbikes, are an issue ===

yes indeed, at la porchetta "vespa" is an issue, because it's founders were vespa fans, and high up under the venues ceiling are lots & lots of historic vespa models stored.

bernd likes to appreciate and reflect this, in an ironic manner - namely, to tell the audience that he has a special vespa history himself.
and midden in the venue, stands - - well, is meant to stand - - a gorgous very red vespa

and bernd likes to claim, at least for 10 minutes, that is it his one!

actuall this year their wasn’t a real vespa, not at all so all what bernd could do was to show his model of a vespa. and this he did!

a second idea - - to place a second motorbike into the venue, the famous BMW with “boxer” engine,dreamed of to have it for decades - - also flopped for technical reasons.

so, again all bernd could do was to show the model he owns of this bike

=== music – the makepisi band ===

yes yes yes yes yes, this was the grand decision. was it a piano? no, not at all.

it was, as announced, “a capella” music.

and what is “a capella” music? it is a unique music style which uses absolutely no instruments, only voices!

the whole team of my music events engendered for friends was delighted that the south-african band “makepisi” accepted to play for usd. the leader of the band is sello molefi.

their program was very rich, and so was their performance, presented sitting or standing.

very obviously their songs and their singins impressed the whole audience immensely.

=== vivid history of "voice" in music ===

bernd presented a compact essay about the history of voice as crucial facet of music.here is an extract, including some of the presented voice records.

when talking about crucial facets of music, “voice” will be a focus

Music Voice Cartoon

singing is done since ar least 10-thousand years. it is meant to be serious, and to show energy.

Child 1 singing Child 2 singing

1 abbygirlsingingacapella-callingmehome

the oldest pic of singing women is an egypt painting 1500 b.c.

Singing Women Egypt Painting

sing as choir is exercised for at least 2000 years, and became common in churches.

Church Choir Singing Painting

a specific singing paradigm developed in about every culture, e,g., in classical india or in spanish flameno music.

Classical India Spanish Flamenco

if wondering about most successful musicians, obvious answers are: the beatles,


4 singing beatles: “penny lane”

dolly parton, ella fitzgerald (the best jazz vocalist ever, who she invented the “scat” style),

Dolly Ella

6 singing ella: “one note samba”

regarding opera – top stars were/are maria callas and carreras, domingo, pavarotti

Maia Callas carreras, domingo, pavarotti

by the way, do you know that even australia had an early opera star? it was nelli melba (1861 to 1931).

Nellie Melba

finally, regarding choirs - - most famous, for very good reasons, is the huge choir of beethoven’s 9th symphony

Choir & Orchestra

=== mini essay about the mmeeff history ===

over the 25 years of "mmeeff" a tradition has developed, namely to provide a mini review about it.

MMEFF Book Cover Cartoon And List Of Years

sso here are photos of the musicians in 6 of these years, between 1998 and 2021. the enormous variety of music instruments and of music styles is obvious.

MMEFF 1998

MMEFF 1998

MMEFF 2001

MMEFF 2001

MMEFF 2009

MMEFF 2009

MMEFF 2012

MMEFF 2012

MMEFF 2017

MMEFF 2017

MMEFF 2019

MMEFF 2019

MMEFF 2021

MMEFF 2021

=== surprise! true honour guest - a former mmeff musician ===

a further tradition has developed - each year to invite musicians from an earlier mmeff for a guest performance. and this year it was a harp player.


playing a harp is very demanding. michael johnson gave a thoughful and skilful performance.

=== the lottery ===

Cartoon For Lottery

at the end (almost) of mmeeff-2022, bernd conducted again a lottery, sending sir simon with the box, and announcing three wins to get. each guest could pick one ticket out of the lottery box. lady anoo administered the pertinent gift store. obviously about everyone hoped for the "gold" win! this year the possible gains were music cd’s.

=== the management of the event ===

well well, that's of course bernd. he tries hard to be brave and on top of all the 99 matters! gosh!

Bernd Captain

=== venue ===

the venue for "mmeff" is every year provided by the restaurant "la porchetta" in carlton-north.

this it is (before the guests arrive, but after many vases with red roses haven been put by us on the tables). the area for the musicians is marked.

empty venue

bernd and his team always mount music pictures, and two dividers separate the back section of this room.

Wall Pic Set

absolutely essential are clearly the event's waitresses, because everyone is meant to have dinner, and of course drinks, shouted by the team.

=== at the end: thankssss..===


indeed! this means: serious "thankssss" gifts to each musician, the team, the waitresses – and finally azurra, .the manager of la porchetta!

this was a good time for presenting the final background music – swinging jazz.

music from CD "Swinging": tune 8
GiftForSimon GiftForSello
Tara GiftForWaitress

equally serious thankssss to the three crucial team aides, anoo & simon & emmie.


at the end of the music event, and at the end of this report, two final words:

Bernd Bye Bye