... from the 'misty' invitation -- september 2015 ...

     well there have been rumors that bernd will abandon "mmeff", "my music events for friends". stronger rumors said though that it will of course continue. and it does this year!

so, which music style will be on? certainlee not easee to say properlay - but at least i can give you some no's: no afro, no baroque, no blues, no classic, no flamenco, no jazz,
no pop, no punk, no reggae, no rock, no samba, no tango ... but music will certainly happen, promised!

     orlrayt orlrayt, but what will it reelee be? may be i have to essay? well there's some tittle-tattle that eggshelly a journo shall be among us, and throwing lots of questions on me - about tocs music, frocks style, and even socks code? answers are due i fear ...

     what instruments will be played? here is my list, neatly ordered by alphabet: accordion, bag, guitar, harp, piano, pipe, voice. four people will do this, and they are all tocs musos. plus, in addition to this, something further will happen, just for you, a surprising action ...


all read eagerly the invitation -- yet of course no one did quite know what's going to happen, music-wise. 

so here is the real agenda: 
a scottish music night    for my melbournian friends.


the music
four musicians entertained us:  david alleway (harp; voice),   phil collins (accordion, piano),   maggie duncan (violin),   diane gaylard (small & large bagpipe).



and what did they play? of course scotland's folk music -- either as solo (piano; bagpipe; harp), or as duo or as trio, and finally as our truly scottish quartet!

why scotland?

2015-BR5      2015-BR-Flipped

yes, people were indeed somewhat puzzled when they noticed how the host was dressed this evening, and curious about the music played.
lady j then was the one to ask!


so, why? well, i knew for some years that melbourne's st kilda is not the real one - the real one is a small  island set in scotland.
the maine one, hirta, was settled for about 2000 years, yet that ended in 1936.
thus it's not easy to reach st kilda - yet this year the sailship "tecla" went there, and so i could visit it!

2015-TeclaShip     2015-ScotlandMap-WithStKilda


on the way back the ship stopped in arbost, which is a little town on skye island. there was a historic pub.
and this pub had life music in that evening - presented by scottish musicians!


2015-OldPub-Musicians1            2015-OldPub-Musicians2

so  there i heard scottish folk music, first time in my life! yes i enjoyed it, i could chat with various musicians, i asked them many questions  - - - 
and then i decided that mmeff-2015 should be a scottish music night !!!


of course i noticed the uniqe scottish dress, especially the kilt and the sporran, as well as the socks and the hat.

2015-ScottishHat            2015-KiltRedScotland            2015-SporranForKiltScotland

when the "tecla" returned to oban (a harbour town),  i equipped myself thoroughly with all these things!



scotland:  instruments...  musicians ...


here is my (very condensed) response to questions about main instruments and music styles in scottland.  
all historic testimonials indicate that the harp was the dominating instrument for a long time.


2015-HarpScotlandHistoricCarving              2015-Harp&FlutesScotlandHistoricCarving

2015-HarpScotlandCurrent             2015-Fiddle&Piano&Notes-Modified            2015-BagpipeScotland

over time, violins, pianos and accordions became important as well -
yet from  the 16th century onwards the bagpipe became the instrument, and it is since then the national instrument of scotland. it is essential for all official events. 



classical as well as folk music uses many instruments beside bagpipes, harps and violines, including the cello, the accordion and the guitar.

2015-MusicScotland18             2015-MusicScotland5-ClassicalViolins            2015-VariousYoungMusiciansScotland

when asked about important classical composers in scotland, oops, i fell silent - - that's really not my specialty!  

however:  there are very many scottish rock musicians! big names include annie lenox and jack bruce.



 plus, looking at the most famous australian rockband,  the family of the ac/dc founders is - - - - yes, scottish!


finally, it's fun to see that in scotland even heavy rock music can be performed in classical costumes ...





anyway & anyway,  to let mmeff  this year become a scottish music night  was certainly a grand pleasure!


the venue

the venue was, again, "st ann's on rathdowne"

2015-StAnnsOnRathdowne-ViewFromOutside-Ex2013            2015-VenueTable&Piano-Ex2014

thank you for looking at the mmeff-2015 gallery -- cheerio & byebye!